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Sable and Argent Bracelet

Ruffles, spikes and tatters—that's me. Femininity with a sharp point. And black, of course, 'cause it comprises at least 75% of my closet. A pity the ruffles were flattened by the scanner background. (I really should set up my studio-in-a-box and practice taking decent jewelry photos, but I digress.)

Sable and Argent Bracelet
Sable and Argent

Anyway, this is the sort of thing I like to make, this and stuff with lots of fringe and clusters. Oh, and I discovered a new love: little rings of firepolished beads strung on 5mm leather. I just got the leather in from Goody Beads, put one of the rings on one and ooh-la-la! I can hardly wait to create more. (If they sell, great. If not, I like them and I'll wear them. Either way, I'll enjoy making them.)